Dear World,

I. Am. Sorry.

I am sorry that America has let you down.

I know that America has always been the kind of “older brother” countries could look to when it came to democracy, our judicial system, and freedom. To set an example. We have failed you miserably. Please do not follow our example right now.

I know America has always been a big ally to most of you. I’m sorry we have betrayed you on many levels. We no longer have allies…you see….we only have “interests” now.

I know America stepped up to the plate and rallied with all of you when it came to climate issues. I know that we agreed that climate change, does in fact, play a part in civil unrest and war in many parts of the world…but we’ve changed our minds. We just don’t think these scientists who have spent their lives devoted to causes like these…are well…smart enough…or smarter than us.

I know America was founded on the basis of religious persecution. I know America is what it became, well, because of immigrants. It’s in our history books. But we have changed our minds on this too. We’ve decided that we aren’t keen on the idea of certain immigrants from certain religions coming here anymore. We’re sorry if you’re fleeing a war zone and live in danger every day. It’s not our problem. You and your families are “scary” and look different. But don’t worry, we have some plans for how to keep some people out. A. Wall. A. Big. Beautiful. Wall. We here in America are so excited about that wall.

I know America has always been a leading crusader in supporting causes on a global level, when it came to social issues. We used to want to help you…we did…but we’ve changed our mind on this too. You see…even though we’re the most powerful country in the world…we just don’t have the resources to help you out anymore. I know…I know…we have the ability to help America and the world, but it’s just more fun to play by ourselves. We’ve just decided that cutting aid and money to an African woman and African child is justifiable…because….they’re just not as important as us. We’re just really tired of helping everyone. How can we help you, when the sick people in our country are already so much of a burden?!

I know we have always been admired for allowing our citizens Freedom of Speech. So we’ve decided to use it in a way to our advantage. We use our freedom of speech to speak only truth. No one else tells the real facts as good as us. We’ve decided that journalists are not credible anymore and only spread lies. You shouldn’t trust them.

I know we’ve always had the persona of being progressive and not repeating the past mistakes in history. Oh how you were wrong to view us in that light. We’ve decided regressing back to past mistakes is a smart plan. You see we no longer care about unity, we care about our supporters only. We like a deep division and have no plans to fix that. We are going to be great!

So world…I am sorry. America looks to you now. To take the lead on global challenges and how to do the right thing in the face of adversity and those issues that impact people worldwide. Please make your example a good one, so that someday, maybe we will be smart enough to learn from it. Make the right choice….because our eyes are on you now.