Why We Should Appreciate Our Life More

This is my first attempt to write a blog and I decided to bring a good news to you today. That You - yes you win the greatest lottery of the universe. Because You are a human being on this planet earth. I mean you’re not a building, a chair, or a tree, you’re not even a bird. There were times we all get the tendency to forget this beautiful truth of life. You may ask, why do I say so? Because at times I did too.

This is what I observed, some people just don’t appreciate much the life we’ve given. Some act like they will live 500 years. Some people walking around everyday like they’re coming back (hmm). I’d like to think that we have unlimited time but I also think we actually don’t. At some point or another, we get accustomed to life routines and problems that grab our natural gratefulness inside.

This is not meant to change your belief or anything, because I respect yours. But I’m writing this coming from a place of love to encourage you to see that there’s something in life that we live in and the journey we’re in together. To decide that our life has so much meaning to the planet and not just something that does nothing.

I believe that this realizations is not just for my life that’s why I sharing it to you now. Or maybe you knew this, but you talked yourself out of it. And I understand, because I - at times did.

Thank you very kindly for your attention and time.

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