5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Social Media Marketing Team

1) Because you don’t have time. I don’t need to elaborate this one. We always don’t have enough of it.

2) Because you’re not sure how to develop (and understand) what to build with, and which tools are best for specific market(s) or content. Anyone can wield a hammer and post on Facebook or Instagram, but that’s not going to get you much.

3) Because you don’t have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, still DIY-ing or just hired an internet-savvy kid to manage your accounts?

4) Because you are not confident on sharing the work load (or you scatter the responsibilities across your workforce). That is, you might entrust a couple others to “work the market or network for you” BUT you might want to pre-approve first, etc.

5) Because you don’t have proper understanding and appreciation of analytics. Sure, Likes and Follows matter but just growing those number is not a strategy. Repeat after me: brand awareness is NOT a strategy (it’s actually one of the goals).

the biggest pain point of small businesses is they usually don’t have the resources to invest in digital strategy so they end up without it, doing their own communications, opening social channels without a clear goal and undefined target audience, with high expectations.

That leads to wasted time and resources for something that most likely won’t produce any notable results and won’t help increase online influence and visibility.

Lots of small businesses sadly, end up using social media as broadcasting channels, with no regards to the audience they try to address.

What to do then?

Ask for help.

Look for people with experience and resources to develop and maintain the presence your business needs to support a healthy social media campaign. — That would create a positive and active community for your brand, which in turn creates loyal customers.


Learn how to trust.

This is big. I know. But you also know that social media marketing is a must and “anyone can do it” approach doesn’t work. Entrust that segment of marketing to the right people who can research, create new content, curate, respond to inquiries promptly, take advantage of interactions as they happen, review your social analytics, and stay up to date on trends as they change daily. You’ll soon be able to gain that all-important competitive edge, establish yourself as the go-to brand in your niche and capitalize on an audience that competitors have yet to discover.

And, most importantly.

Consider value.

Like in all areas of life, we often get what we pay for. So, you are basically hiring a full group of people with varying levels of experience, backgrounds, and strengths. It’s a powerhouse-dream-team of professionals (strategist, content creators/artists, community managers, and public relations) for the same cost as hiring one marketer in-house. (Or a room full of inexperienced interns).

To conclude, allow me to share this excerpt I’ve heard from the social media examiner podcast:

While social media is just one component of the digital marketing ecosystem, insights that can be generated from consumer chatter are immense and can significantly impact business and brand decisions.

By being proactive and bringing this knowledge to the broader sales-marketing unit, social media marketing team can be positioned as instrumental, valuable assets to the brand at large.

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