The days are short, the nights too long

As I sit, head in hand.

loneliness a welcome guest.

I mourn my fate,

repeating questions to those with ears

Without finding answers;

Why is mine different?

Why did mine return so soon?

Why did God not see others?

Why only mine while loves best?

Why do I have to walk the world alone?

and at such an early age?

handle responsibilities

only adults dream of?

Because God loves me best

And thinks being an orphan

suits me well?

Silence , upon silence,

I wrap my arms around loneliness and pain

And wait for what I do not know.

© bernadette Nyam




Bernadette Nyam

Bernadette Nyam

Passionate about God, people and nature and the interconnectedness of all three. Also a passionate writer of literature for young people. Have 3 published books