Why Women Don’t Care About Bitcoin and Why They Should

Bernadett Keczer
Jan 8 · 13 min read
Image by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

When it comes to Bitcoin, I am a white raven. Why? I am a woman, I am over 40 and I am into Bitcoin. Hell, I even wrote a book about it. Definitely not the average female of my age group.

In this article I will attempt to explain why I am in the minority and why it is a normal reaction for women to get the creeps from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

And no, it’s not because the word “crypto” evokes a damp, dark crypt. Neither because it sounds similar to “creep”. Although for some that might be the actual reason.

Enter the Machine

Personal computers started to appear at the time I was in highschool. I remember the aversion, fear, and hatred I felt toward them without
ever seeing one. Somehow I just felt they were a threat and I wanted nothing to do with them.

Image by Jeshoots.com on Unsplash

I had my first personal contact with a computer when I had to register for my classes at the university as a freshman. I was sitting there in the library
surrounded by a bunch of computers, sweating. I was unable to do anything right on the goddamn machine.

After maybe fifteen minutes of mindless clicking and freaking out while I was trying to get things done in a state of panic, I ended up leaving the library without having registered for any classes.

Instead of asking for help, I went into shock and left. I somehow felt embarrased that I had no idea what to do. I still don’t know how I
managed to register for those classes, but I must have gone back for a
second try later after somebody had showed me the steps.

No one could have told that 25 years later I was going to write a book
about how Bitcoin and blockchain technology will change the landscape of the economy and the entire framework of society. Especially because I always gravitated toward the arts, I was preparing to be a novelist and anything based on the strict, sharp-edged logic of mathematics had felt foreign
and even hostile to me.

But then our generation was exposed in 1984 to the first Terminator movie which must have created an instinctive fear of, and aversion to, computers.

No attraction between women and Bitcoin?

The question how and why I ended up writing about computer technology
ties in with the question why women do not care about cryptocurrencies
and technology in general.

When I told people in my social circles, made up mostly of women, that I wrote a book on Bitcoin, apart from a few exceptions, there were crickets. The irrelevance of the topic to their lives was obvious. Blank stares obvious…Then there was this guy who said that if I had written a cookbook instead he would buy that.

It was a deer- in-the-headlight, white knuckles moment, as I thought people who know me would actually be interested what I have to say, especially as it entails the future of money and society. Their lives and wellbeing could literally depend on being informed about this topic in time.

But, apparently, I was wrong, so I started to speculate why.

An Inconvenient Possibility
I know, it seems like I am talking about me, me, me. But believe me, we cannot skip this possibility, so let’s just get over with it…

The first and (atleast to me) the least convenient reason for the indifference I encountered could be because people in my social circle maybe do not really like me or cannot believe I am capable of producing a book that deserves their time and money.

We cannot discard this as an option, so if you know me and believe my book totally sucks (though I posit that it is cool), drop me a line, I am open to feedback, ok? Whether the indifference has to do, and to what extent, with me being a woman and daring to write about cryptocurrencies or with the fact that I had worked as a secretary (and hated it) and not in a more “brainy” position for a long time is another question.

With the above out of the picture, we can get down to observing the generalities. Let’s see some of those.

Children are molded according to social stereotypes

Technology on Earth is, and has always been, as far as we know, heavily male oriented.

Of course, we still have the social stereotypes that relegate women to being caretakers of the home and family, while they expect men to take care of everything that includes sheer physical power or making, building, creating stuff with your hands or with tools, and of course protection of the group and putting bread on the table.

These stereotypes certainly have their roots in biological roles, but are also interrelated with cultural differences and perpetuated by the generally good willed parents, family, and teachers who groom boys into more binary-thinking oriented little humans, while shaping girls into beautiful, well-behaved “good girls” who are expected to cause less trouble than boys because they do not rebel that much and in a societal sense be at the service of the next generation.

Although we have come far from the earlier “sewing, singing and birthing a lot of children” role repertoir which was once expected from young women, somehow mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science still remain man dominated fields.

Image by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

However, it may not have to do as much with the (supposed lack of) capability of girls to excel in these fields than with the social indoctrination their parents, family, and environment have received and internalized.

If your parents believe that women are not as suitable or not as good at mathematics than men as an undisputable truth, then they will unconsciously pass this belief on to you. Maybe they will (with good intentions) want the “best for you” and focus on developing only those talents of yours which they deem to be more feminine. Lest their baby girl suffer from a horrible failure if she tries to become a physicist and realizes she just does not have what it takes to get there.

From boys to machine-like men the road is paved by unconsciousness
The saddest thing that happens to little boys is that they are raised to become “strong men”. However, what society means by “strong men” is a shameful (and to the individual very painful) distorsion of the ability to provide real, independent support, have true inner strength, courage, a grounded heart, and willingness to stand up for your truth and for the freedom of the people you love.

A real man would possess all the above qualities, but what is shown and taught to little boys (and to grown up men) is something completely different.

When a boy has suffered through all the societal programming without anybody to teach him how to tend to his heart and how to be strong from his inner power source, the result is your general copycat of the woman-hating, aggressive, cold hearted guys who think they run the show. We see them everywhere in the media, in movies and books, in corporate board rooms and in the armed forces.

The (generally) loving, but equally wounded, parents tell little boys that big boys and real men don’t cry; and this starts a process which ends with finally extirpating the child’s natural connection to his feelings and emotions.

These little boys are denied the right to be able to feel and process emotions in a healthy way; they must suppress their humanity (i.e. having feelings) if they want to be the king of the jungle. There is an ocean of uncried tears hidden inside every man and it takes a lot of energy, constant effort for them to not drown in it.

Image by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Women’s reactions
Luckily for girls, even though they suffer so much abuse and hurt from the system that makes it difficult, if not almost impossible to grow up as a psychologically healthy adult woman, they are at least not denied to have feelings and emotions.

But then women are programed to operate at the other extreme of the spectrum: instead of healthy, free feeling and expression of emotions and feelings they are taught to become whiny emotional manipulators. Sorry ladies, this is just the way our culture had laid it out for us.

On a biological level, the structure of the human brain, its plasticity and how it is shaped and molded based on the creation and strengthening of certain neural pathways by habitual repetition of thinking similar thoughts, by repeated thought forms, associations and the like literally etch the similarities between men and women into their brains.

When it comes to the brain, practice of any behavior, movement or ability means deepening those neural pathways and strengthens the person’s ability to perform those skills well.

The result of this cultural programming is that women feel more attracted to areas related to relationships, health, family, psychology, music and the arts, while men grow to prefer the “cold”, abstract world of science and technology or politics and governance where they hope to find the solution to their pain (caused by the loss of their feeling heart) in the form of distilled truths, formulas and axioms.

If you are not happy, if you are not a real human being (because you
cannot really feel anymore), at least make yourself useful.
That is
the underlying, painful thought process of the wounded male psyche, when in reality he just turned completely outside to find meaning in life. And the constant development, the exponentially growing, changing technology are a good substitute for that.

Then there is the systemic stress
The human race has been suffering from serious post traumatic stress syndrom for thousands of years. We slowly lost our natural, species-specific connections, we have systematically been stripped off the tribal support systems for which the human brain was optimized.

Only 150. That is the maximum number of social connections our brain was designed to handle. Above this number humans get biologically overwhelmed when trying to process all that input.

Now tell me the last time you were in an environment where there were no more than 150 people in your life. Unless you live in a tiny village and never ever visit the city, you are under constant stress which you may never have been aware of.

The loss of meaning of life for many people, the brainless and senseless drudge of having to slave away just to put food on the table and secure a shelter to place that table have all been factors that keep us in a constant state of survival anxiety.

But what does it have to do with Bitcoin?

We’re getting there, ok?

The male psychology’s tendency to turn outward (as the male principle
is all about focused action) has created this infatuation with
technology. Instead of healing their inner hurt and rebuilding their lost
connection to ourselves and their ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with their fellow humans, men go out into the world of materialism (mostly unconsciously) to search for something that will fulfill them.

Instead of trying to better their relationships or to heal their psychological wounds, they focus on things they can design, build and optimize to solve some need. Creating something physical (or theoretical) which is nothing but an attempt to solve an inner issue outwardly. While their real core need (which is an inner, spiritual need) remains unsolved.

And that’s what creates the phenomenon of novelty seeking. The technological shiny object syndrome.

Have you ever witnessed a man reading about version x+1 of a cellphone literally a few hours after he just unpacked the newly bought version x
of the same brand? I have and I tell you, it is frustrating as heck to watch…

Some men will say it is curiosity for development, but I think it is more like a symptom of the inner void that never fills up, no matter how many Ferraris or mansions you throw at it.

Image by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

The natural response of any female to the distorted cultural indoctrination that renders technology and science in male oriented is an aversion to technology and science.

Many, although of course not all men are overzealous about and fixated on technology, so it should not come as a surprise that most women are equally passionate about rejecting what they deem to be an unbalanced male obsession.

What adds insult to injury on a social scale, however, is that, unfortunately, most of these women will do the rejecting unconsciously: they do not consciously ponder on why they feel that there is something wrong with men’s technological obsession, and instead they go for the passive-aggressive or projecting reaction when faced with the issue.

Now, I do not mean to say that women are completely rejecting technology, because that would be, frankly, a stupid thing to say. Of course, women are embracing technology each and every day from the shower to their car, coffee machine, their tablets and smartphones. For the female eyes these are useful tools that in some aspect make life more comfortable.

So women only reject what they feel is an unhealthy and unjustified obsession with technology despite or even against human nature and real human values.

Oh boy, there will be consequences

It is very important that we realize what this rejection of technology by women really means for our society and for the evolution of our species.

Way too few women are following, and even less are actively engaging in, the actual development of technology. Hardly any women are regularly educating themselves about what is new in blockchain technology or how quantum computing developments are faring.

And this is actually a problem, though it does not seem so at first.

Doesn’t it make sense that those who are most invested and prepared to develop technology are the ones who steer it in the direction they see most fit? Well, yes and no.

It would make all the sense in the world for women to entrust men with directing the course of technological development if the men who actively participate in this development were reliable enough to be trusted with the future of humanity.

But how can we give one of the most important keys to the little boy who has a damaged, fractured heart and a distorted mind? Because make no mistake, an adult sculpted largely by his unconscious that is still governed partly by the inner undeveloped and hurt child will not create for the benefit of all.

At least, he would have to be self-aware and very dedicated to personal growth, healing. Otherwise, it is just kindergarten kids playing with laser guns and directed energy weapons in the sandbox.

His priorities will not be the same as the priorities of humanity on a large scale.

As things stand today, women have very little say in which direction technological development is being steered (although this is a self-imposed abstinance from the topic).

Even though women are also incredibly wounded, in general they are still maintaining at least a little piece of emotional intelligence and the capacity to feel. They are more in tune with their inner guidance and are naturally drawn to wanting the best solution for all involved. (There are, of course, exceptions, but more or less we can say this is true on a species level.)

So the end result is that by women staying away from technology (either due to personal aversions or cultural programming) technology is being developed without women having a say in steering technological development in a direction which would feel more natural, more in alignment with human nature.

Image by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

And now we are finally getting to Bitcoin…

Money, as we all know, is a big shadow topic tainted by the frustration, pain, jealousy, suffering, dissatisfaction, and feelings of powerlessness of billions of people. It represents the biggest single time and energy sucking operation on our planet. Add to the mix perversion and hatred and you’ll get a good feeling of what money is about today.

If you have a core belief that you cannot do anything to change how things are on a systemic level, you may react with indifference and by staying away from the topic of money. Now, against this backdrop Bitcoin appeared as a potential disruptor of the old, debt-based fiat money system.

However, the problem with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that they will not magically fix things for you.

We have to make appropriate choices based on our understanding of the forces at work and the options at hand, and that takes not only self education but intestinal fortitude.

The thing is, nobody likes to feel personally responsible for the future of the world. But in a way, when you decide which type of currency you use or reject, you are.

People unconsciously all know this, so they opt for the easiest way out: they ignore the problem. Head In the Sand 101.

They prefer walking through the valley of death instead of trying to dig for water. There may justify their decision with the fact that there seems to be little hope to find that water, but then also, there is not much to lose if you fail.

Image by Fabiana Rizzi on Unsplash

Again, what this results in is women staying out of the most crucial decisions about which direction technology and in this case the monetary system should go in. Should we opt for real decentralized peer-to-peer cash like Bitcoin, or are we ok to let the banks and governments create their own centralized, bastardized versions of blockchain based digital currencies that would mean full one-way monitoring and transparency? (Of course, it would mean your account is fully transparent and auditable but you cannot audit the central authority.)

Do you really not care as soon as there is food in your belly?

Convenience and laziness are real, potent weapons used by the controllers to steer change in a certain direction.

So the less engaged women are with Bitcoin and the blockchain technology, the less organic and beneficial their development and outcome are likely to turn out for our race.

Women drawing themselves out of such decisisions about the nature of the type of technology we should use and build and the kind of technology we should drop and ban, i.e. decisions that will impact our entire culture and the future of our race, only help the controllers to create an inbalanced, technology-heavy situation in which we will be ever less likely to strive.

So ladies of the 21st century, I ask you to engage. At least imagine a better, more humane future and hold a space of harmonious creation in your hearts, for the path on which we can move toward our highest destiny.

Bernadett Keczer

Written by

Author, ghostwriter, ghostbuster. Really. Writes about human potential & transcending limiting concepts. Wrote a book on Bitcoin: bit.ly/GrabEmbytheBitcoins

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