How to use workflows to choose your business systems

What is a workflow?

What if I don’t have any workflows?

Document your workflows

How does this help me with tech?

What can this do that I need now and in the future?

  • a way to bulk upload your content,
  • integrate with a number of platforms,
  • curate other content easily,
  • repurpose your content where appropriate
  • and your budget is $25 a month

How easy is this for me to use?

How much does this cost?

Final thoughts

  • As a final check that I have completed all the steps I need for a particular task
  • A roadmap through various areas of my business
  • Ensure that I am providing the service level that I want to, and do offer to my clients
  • A way to manage my business overall
  • Time and productivity planning
  • Choosing tools and resources for myself and clients

Grab your FREE sample workflows

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Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist

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Bernadine Graham

Bernadine Graham

Online Business Manager and Systems Strategist

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