Kenya’s “Beautiful” Attractions.

The So called “beautiful” Fourteen Falls in Kenya.

Looking at the fourteen falls

So here I am at the Nairobi CBD eager to take a Matatu to visit the fourteen falls in Thika that has had my group of friends talking about in this Whatsapp group of those who love adventure. For a moment, I didn’t see the Matatus with that label for Thika, so I asked a Konda standing nearby who had taken up the eating nature of a goat by chewing Miraa all day,”Gari za Thika ziko wapi maze”

He showed me an old rugged Matatu ready to start the journey off to Thika, I had to take the Matatu because that’s what adventure is about people, take even those 1998 Volkswagen to get there if you ever find yourself travelling to such places.

Down the Thika Superhighway we go admiring the beautiful landscapes of Kiambu.Getting into Thika, you could see how Kikuyus work hard for their money I tell yah, old wazee pushing carts to the market, 15 year old kids on bicycles fetching water for hotels for ksh10 and 35 year olds on Old probox cars “ferrying “people to various destinations in Thika. Who couldn’t forget that housewife sitting in her shop waiting for that one customer to come and buy a bundle of Unga.

On my way I went to find a Matatu to take me to Kilimambogo area where these falls are to be found. I find an old Nissan full of passengers, still the Konda was calling for more to use those “sambaza” seats. No sooner had I gotten in than I was handed a piece of wood to place between seats. I happened to be seated between a lady with overdone make up and an old grandfather whom I think was speaking to her son on phone to send her Ksh 50 for changaa.Down the long road we went as I admired the breathtaking views of acres and acres of pineapple plantations.

Pineapple plantations in Thika

As we approached the entrance, I had to get off the vehicle since it wasn’t the last stop for the Matatu.Here I was left in the middle of nowhere with a sign post written “Fourteen Falls: insert an arrow pointing to the right).I walked into the woods and on my way, I found these old white couple taking the same route. We walked together as I told them how beautiful Kenya is (In French. They were of French origin.Bienvenue au Kenya,Elle east tres magnifigue)

We reached at the gate where I paid 100 bob while the French couple paid $20 each because they were you know, tourists. We continued walking down a dusty field full of tour guides each selling themselves to you on how experienced they are in taking you across the falls. I picked the one who seemed to have the muscle to rescue me just in case the falls took their toll on me, Into the water we dipped our legs and you could feel the dirt touch your feet. The foul smell of the alcohol bottles and food remains from Thika town quietly rested at the banks of the falls. I wondered to myself why the County government of Kiambu and Machakos we collecting money from a source of income that they are not even taking care of. The place is dirty, no cottages to give the visitors a place to cool themselves off, all manners of disorganization among the self-appointed tour guides, unusual manners of parking vehicles, the nearby bushes act as washrooms for both gender and all manner of staff that you could think of.

I think the county government of Kiambu and Machakos can do better in protecting this place and making it even more beautiful. With the current pace, there will be no fourteen falls in 2025.