I’m sorry about the 10%.
Rebecca Marie

It’s OK. The thing about this and pain in general is that it’s manageable by adjusting expectations. If some guy on the subway stabbed me with a needle, I’m gonna freak out, be angry, sad, disappointed. If a doctor does the same thing, I won’t flinch. I expect it, and I know the reason. For the subway guy, it was lack of expectation and lack of understanding.

So for me it’s this not-surprised-ment, this stored expectation that lowers my disappointment and anger.

For my daughter, however, I can’t teach that philosophy. I can only help her respect all people, and as for defense, teach her to believe in herself, to be a good person, and to know or find out what is right.

It won’t be easy of course, but not many things are. I believe your children will be fine because I can see you are a good person and they are blessed to have you as their mother.

And thanks for the conversation, I already feel better about humanity.