The Means and Purposes

I truly believe that one's boldness to create relevant content doesn't need be related to their maturity, personally or professionally. On the contrary, it might be that the self notion of raw and unreadyness can work as a true compost for growth.

The means and purposes of this is to share and debate content through text in a sincere, direct and simple manner. Other than just repost news, I think of this as an informal peer for discussion of subjects related to the hydrocarbon industry and its legal implications, internationally (and maybe nationally, why not?) speaking.

Oil and Gas Law became part of my life in 2012, same year I graduated as a Bachelor of Laws in Brazil and started my LLM at the University of Dundee, in Scotland (The means and purposes of why it did become part of my life is not content for this, right now, but it might be in the future).

Today, work for me is to be associate counsel for the oil and gas team of a medium to big-size Law Firm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But my role is not directly linked with the team, not just yet. For the past two years, I've been assigned as full-time secondee for one of the firm's clients in Macaé, Brazil's tiny version of Houston.

Being an in-house Lawyer for a petroleum service provider in Brazil has given me the opportunity to fortify general skills of counselling and to deal with a big variety of contracts, from very simple supplier agreements to bigger service agreements with International Oil Companies.

I hope that everyone interested in getting involved with the topics feel welcome at all times — and I see you soon!