0. Look, I get it, what they’re saying deeply offends you.
John D.

First, Please don’t assume that I am going to have knee jerk reaction to your call for non-violence.I do not conflate no-violence with fascism. So, punching you in the face would be inappropriate. What would be appropriate with a gentleman like yourself is a reasoned discourse.

Yes, I have listened to Yiannopoulos. He fans hatred of particular groups like Trans people and Immigrants. He doesn’t have to call for genocide to incite other to violent acts.

Fascism, particularly the state sponsored kind is growing and developing in the US. This is not a tolerable idea and if they resort to force (like the two murdered Indians last week) then we should respond in kind (though I am not advocating murder).

Just prior to WW@ Meyer Lansky was asked by a Judge to form a goon squad to break up German American Bund meetings. Who knows what those groups would have done to keep us out of the war or disrupt things here.

You take on WW2 is incorrect. Indeed, there was a large section of the population that did not to go to war and we did so when we were attacked. This time, we don’t allow history to repeat itself. We go on the offensive first.

If just 3.5% of a population actively resist calls for a more authoritarian state then the state morphing in fascism is stopped dead.

I avail myself of all legal means to fight. I write letters, emails, faxes, make phone calls, give money to group like the ACLU and protest. What do you do? What do you find acceptable? What would your response be to skinhead thugs marching down the street carrying white power signs and calling for the slaughter of Gays, Jews, PoC, Immigrants, etc…?

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