Can I Escape?

I want to know if I can escape the clutches of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without giving up the “fun” of technology.

I want to learn to fish again.

I sort of want to learn to hunt again.

I want the Internet to stop being my drug.

I realize the irony of posting such a thing on, since that is, you know, part of the Internet.

I don’t hate the Internet. I just want it to stop being my drug. I don’t mind posting things, or even reading things.

I want to read books. Look at real things. Hear the rain. Read the weather in the sky rather than on an app. Walk. Hike. (Do I have the nerve???) Take my kid out to fish for an hour without it being a big deal or something he has to BEG me to do.

I’ve been a sorry Dad, and my son is really struggling with some stuff that I think I should have helped prevent.

Is Facebook really the problem? No, it’s a symptom. I push my son, and my daughter, to the background while I stare at Facebook, or Twitter, or just the Internet.

My name is Bernard. I have a problem.

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