I did include a link to the study in my post — it contains the full questionnaire that was used.
Ivana Kurecic

I’m sorry if my comment came out wrong. It seems that the goal of the post is to ultimately help people improve their personal relationships, which is great. But from my point of view, the “helping” part can maybe be improved! My comment is just a little critique on the lack of practical advice. I was simply trying to point out how unpractical it is to leave the positive advice at this seemingly confusing sentence. Because at the end of the day saying that ‘to make friends you need to display self-disclosure and intimacy-related behaviour’ to me sounds as good as saying that ‘to make friends you really just need to be yourself’. Which as we both agree is terrible advice for someone who has trouble making friends!

I read the original study and your full post don’t worry! I’m really not trying to be mean or anything, and I must say that overall I enjoyed the read. But the post is really lacking on practical advice. This is everything I wanted to point out. I feel like a more extense explanation or maybe some examples of what one has to aim for when making friends can be a great addition to this post!

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