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Decentralization is a major topic and the ultimate goal for most people in the Blockchain ecosystem. A lot of services have evolved around this topic and one of them is IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System. A grandiose name for a bleeding-edge solution that definitely needs some cushioning so people don't cut themselves. That's why we at AVADO came up with a supporting system, but let's take it step by step.

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a communication protocol and peer to peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file storage system. …

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AVADO Blockchain Computers getting manufactured

So maybe you have heard of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies and most likely you also ran across the topic of mining. But now you’re likely hearing people talk about nodes and you don’t really know what it means, or how it differs from mining.

You are not alone. Strangely, even those active in the blockchain space do not know what a node is.

So here is a simple sentence that explains the difference between mining and a node:

“Miners process blocks and nodes verify if transactions which have been packed in the block by miners are all valid.”

In addition…

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Three years ago, we created Swarm City intending to build the infrastructure for decentralized marketplaces. Besides, we wanted to showcase how this works best by creating a decentralized Uber on top of the platform.

Today we accomplished 90% of the platform, but as much as we try, we cannot build a fully decentralized solution with today’s state of the blockchain and its tools.

In 2017 we lost our funding due to a hack of our state of the art Multisig Wallet. We continued working on the platform with a small amount of funding we had left and also using the…

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Nodes provide Decentralization

On May 11, 2019, the mobile phone company HTC announced that its new phone Exodus 1s will include a Bitcoin Full Node, according to crypto publication CoinDesk

We wanted to take a moment to have a close look at what a Node actually does and how users could run one today. More importantly, we will also dive into whether HTC’ announcement is simply marketing or if it indeed can have a substantial impact on the adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

First things first, what does a node do in blockchain? Put simply, Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopolous explains it well:

The decentralization movement has picked up renewed momentum since the arrival of Bitcoin more than a decade ago. At that time, early cypherpunks could download the Bitcoin Core client and begin participating in one of the most exciting computer science advances in history. Now, ten years on, a much broader audience is running later versions of the same software. To abstract this process even further, hardware products like Casanode, Bitseed, and AVADO have made it even easier to decentralize your Internet experience.

In the following post, we’ll investigate some of the ideologic reasons for running a full node on Bitcoin…

It started just as many other posts in similar groups, but it was the wrong day for Mr. I-have-a-promotional-offer. You are going to witness a hilarious trolling from a group of Swiss Blockchainers:

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Watch the Video of my TEDx talk in Lausanne in Mai or read the transcript.

“I was recruited by the NFL. The National Football League, the one that plays the “Super Bowl” every year. The one with these monster athletes!

Well OK, I was not recruited as a player, but to run the fan development and talent scouting department in Germany.

Probably now you are asking yourself — am I in the right talk? Isn’t this supposed to be about Blockchain technology and this guy talks about Sports?

I will talk about Blockchain Identity in a very personal way…

I love Blockchain technology because it creates a trustless, transparent and secure system. But I don’t see that it is used for these reasons. Let me explain three topics that show why I think that a lot of people are getting it wrong.

  1. Many people see Cryptocurrencies only as an investment. It is much more than that. Blockchain is a technology that allows us to create censorship resistant, transparent, unstoppable, secure products that support being self-sovereign. The cryptocurrency within it should be used for new business models and allows for programmable money (inheriting rules). Most of all it adds security…

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Latin America is the perfect fertile ground for Blockchain products as they offer censorship resistance, can be used as alternative currency and are unstoppable.

We are organizing “Blockchain On Tour” that will show anyone in Latin America how to use blockchain technology properly and utilize blockchain based products. From Nov. 26th to Dec 3rd we will visit 5 Universities in 5 different countries in Latin America. Each event will have a capacity of 500 people attending. The events are free for people to attend.

We will not educate about the technical aspects, but simply explain how to use the tools…

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This is a series of posts, covering Dapps (Decentralized Apps) that are Live and can be used right now. 2018 in my opinion is the year we will for the first time see regular users use Blockchain based products. I want to support this progress by showing the products that are actually Live today. Instead of HODL we now entered the phase of BUIDL! Using a questionnaire as the template I am interviewing the people working on these projects, hoping that this format will make it easier to understand the projects and their contribution to the Ethereum Ecosystem.

Toshi is a WEB3 Browser that features a lot of Dapps that can be used today. I conducted an interview with Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu, the Product Lead of Toshi.

Welcome Sid…

Bernd Lapp

Former Advisory Board Member of the Ethereum Foundation, CEO of Old School GmbH, Business Hive in Swarm City and Advisor to Blockchain based Projects.

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