Part 1 of the Story:

Best and Fastest way to build yourself a good Karma


Living Karmic Management…or, what the hell is Karmic Management ?

“What other people do, is their Karma. What you do to others, is your Karma.”

— Dalai Lama — (Our little Sunnyboy)

WATCH !! only Fullscreen !

At first lets start with a short video, that i non prof like did one night ago *lol*

It wasnt the problem to tell the people out there what i wanted to tell them, but I am an complete tech-idiot and it took me four hours, the video was done by me via laptop cam, to find a way, to be able getting a link out of that shit…hihihi

but !

I finally got it without having a script, because talking and reading and looking into the cam…thats impossible.

So i deliver my Part 1 now, so you can get faster a better view on that german guy…

and sorry, once again, dont look to much to my written english, i make o lot of mistakes for sure, but to write that all down, what i have to tell you, in a proper way, would take me 50 times longer, ok ?

Better take that time, to do something good to anyone else !

And now one of my first “selfproduced” videos I did for “Patreon”


I promise, I really dont know, how I landed here at Medium ???

Maybe someone can tell me about existing connections :-)