Riding in Cars With Comedians Getting Coughy.

But singular.

I was treating boys like appendages to experiences, and as inherent as they feel, they are independent of one another. Realizing it felt dope AF, but accepting it felt shitty. Certain experiences can happen with just the right person, but that doesn’t really mean much…You still have to extract the face away from the experience. The people are transient; experience is as permanent as a “Thug Life” butt tattoo.

I left my aux adapter in his car, but he brought it back. I said “You could’ve just shipped the dongle in an envelope” — “I thought ground shipping would be quicker, so here I am”.

And in that moment, I swear we were infi…Just kidding.

That really made me want his dongle tho, again.
The first time I wanted it was when I asked “Are you thinking about nothing?” And he was like “Are you thinking about nothing?…ARE WE THINKING ABOUT THE SAME THING?” We were both thinking about the same nothing, and so we smooched.

At 2 in the morning we were still in his car, enjoying the poetic view of a dumpster bin in front of us. Tucking him in with my jacket felt like a conversation, which brought to light a crucial discovery for me — There’s a difference between something that feels right, and something that feels natural. That’s it, there’s no climax to any of this. Bye.

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