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Great breakdown. Although from what I’ve read, npm isn’t actually an acronym. I believe that’s why when you go to there site, they always have another joke acronym about what it means.

Taken directly from the FAQ section of NPM’s documentation:

Contrary to the belief of many, “npm” is not in fact an abbreviation for “Node Package Manager”. It is a recursive bacronymic abbreviation for “npm is not an acronym”. (If it was “ninaa”, then it would be an acronym, and thus incorrectly named.)
“NPM”, however, is an acronym (more precisely, a capitonym) for the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. You can learn more about them at National Association of Pastoral Musicians.
In software, “NPM” is a Non-Parametric Mapping utility written by Chris Rorden. You can analyze pictures of brains with it. Learn more about the (capitalized) NPM program at
The first seed that eventually grew into this flower was a bash utility named “pm”, which was a shortened descendent of “pkgmakeinst”, a bash function that was used to install various different things on different platforms, most often using Yahoo’s yinst. If npmwas ever an acronym for anything, it was node pm or maybe new pm.
So, in all seriousness, the “npm” project is named after its command-line utility, which was organically selected to be easily typed by a right-handed programmer using a US QWERTY keyboard layout, ending with the right-ring-finger in a postition to type the -key for flags and other command-line arguments. That command-line utility is always lower-case, though it starts most sentences it is a part of.
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