Leveraging Data for Player-Centered Level Design

Who better to take lessons in Game Design from than Nintendo’s likeable plumber? Often cited as the pinnacle of Game and Level Design using games of the Super Mario Series seems pretty much like a no-brainer. (Source: Ricardo Saramago on Flickr).

Making video games combines many creative fields: from sound and music design to artwork and story writing. However, while other media, such as movies, also include all those elements, there are two fields in particular that make video games stand out as a medium and a form of art: gameplay and level design. Without wanting to get too much into the weeds on the discussion about the definition about these two terms, let me just drop the introductory statements of the corresponding Wikipedia articles here:

Gameplay is the specific way in which players interact with a game, and in particular…

Bernhard Kaindl

Data Science Analyst, Economics Enthusiast. Passionate about video game development in all its forms. Politically opinionated. From AT, based in DE.

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