To a Very Special Mom

When you burdened my weight,

In your belly where I ate,

Things for me were just great.

The rushes of pain,

They were not in vain,

When I was born

Your heart was not torn.

You held me from the beginning,

Showing me love.

I was already winning,

Making sure I was above.

Not letting you sleep

Or have some time for yourself,

Still your patience you would keep

And not letting me by myself.

I started to talk

Wanting even more,

I went for a walk

While you kept my score.

I am now growing up,

I still fall and get fed up.

You’re always there to pick me up,

No matter what comes up.

Mom, you are undescribable.

You never left my side,

Even when I hide.

When I see you I am filled with pride.

I love you incredibly

I hope that you know,

Without you I am nothing,

So I will never let go.

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