The Problem with the Netflix series, ‘Afflicted’
Jesse Bercowetz

This is so disappointing. I was halfway through the 2nd episode before I stopped and thought….who the crap is this Dr. Richard Friedman with his cocky ass ego jumping in trying to make these people out to be crazy? None of them are crazy, they are suffering with invisible disease. I suffer with a chronic illness myself and was in tears watching some of this show. I relate so much to what everyone is going through. My empathy is huge. I’m so glad that all of you have stepped up to have the truth heard. I also participated in a “healer” show for another network last year and I know the stress of being involved and how they string you along and drain you with all their requests. I wasn’t paid either, they don’t pay “documentaries”. My payment was supposed to be that I would be healed, and that didn’t happen either. I do wonder how many people on this show have been told about Medical Medium. His information as it pertains to viruses, bacteria, and metals being the root cause of all our issues is pretty groundbreaking and has helped me more than anything else. I would definitely recommend it as a read for all who participated in this poorly edited, misguided, manipulated and supposed “documentary”. Much love and healing for you and Bekah. Namaste.