Another Groundhog day

Well I have lived long enough to witness another groundhog day. I am not talking about the one where a big rodent predicts the weather. I am thinking of the movie where a selfish egotistical Phil Connors keeps living the same day over and over again. Well, it’s probably a combination of the two. The major political parties are anxious to see which candidate casts the biggest shadow. In the meantime the average voter pulls the covers over his head and hopes tomorrow comes quickly.

Yes, Virginia this in an election year and one of these rodents will be the next president. Both political parties are courting the American voter so one of their fat rats gets to carry their banner for four and probably eight more years. It does not matter which candidate shows us his shadow; we are signing up for four more years of lousy government. When did it become more important to elect the first of something president rather than the next good president?

As an added bonus, the next president will appoint the next group of Supreme Court judges. It is not important if they support the Constitution, they want justices who will support the ideas of the ruling party. The next president will take an oath pledging to defend and uphold the laws of the land, then spend the next four years quietly plotting to ignore its content. Don’t think for a moment that I am blaming one party. Over the years they both have done whatever is necessary to circumvent the document. The excuse given is that grand old document is outdated. If there is a need for revisions there is a process already in place to make these changes. That power does not belong to any one politician.

Both parties will rail on about how they will work to make this country whole again, while spending this summer and most of the fall doing their best to divide us into little self interest groups. Their banner should say “You don’t have what you want because of the other guy.” Politicians have found that extortion is a great campaign strategy. Fear is their most potent weapon. Why, because a unified electorate is a danger to the status quo. Make no mistake about it; the office of president is about power, prestige and the wealth it brings. Both parties rely on voters with a short memory. They need you to forget all those previous broken promises.

Our wants haven’t drastically changed over time. We want a decent job and a position that pays above minimum wage. You most likely want to pay off your student loans before you start collecting social security. Your parents want you out of the house before your children graduate from college. You want to pay less in taxes. It does not matter to you who will pay the freight as long as it is not you. You want to feel safe. You want to be assured your family can walk the streets without fear. When your working life is over, you would like to be assured that your home will not be a cardboard box, sitting on ten square feet of ruble, overlooking the local dump. When the emphasis switches from us to you, the politician wins and you lose.

We want assurances everything will be better without any effort on our part. Let someone else do the dirty work and just let me reap the benefits. What would happen if we change our thought process? If I want a better job, maybe I should spend less time complaining about my lack of opportunities and more time preparing to do what is necessary to accomplish my goals. Government’s role is to help the needy, not to feed and clothe the lazy. If I want a college education, without a lifetime of debt attached to it, pick a school that is a bargain; not the one that is rated high on the party school scale. People lament the lack of blue collar jobs available because all of the illegal labor in this country. What is never mentioned is that a large percentage labor force in this country can’t stay off drugs long enough to pass a simple drug test. Good paying jobs go begging because applicants cannot stay clean long enough to pass a basic pee test? Today your criminal past is part of the public record. If you don’t want your record to exclude you from job consideration, maybe you should take the advice of Fletcher Reed in the movie “Liar, Liar” and, “stop breaking the law, assh*##!” There are no free rides. Realize that everything you get from the government is being paid for by a tax payer. Either expect less or pay more.

We must get it through our heads that government’s ability to protect you is limited. Every generation has had its share of war and terrorism. This nation has lost every war since WWII and that includes the war on drugs. Even the numerous police actions around the world have left a path of destruction, death and societies facing even greater challenges. Sure we killed Osama Bin Laden, we got even; but we did not get better. Attempting to eliminate those dangers in their entirety has stripped this nation of the freedoms so many generations have died trying to protect.

I guess the theme of the movie was we cannot change things until we are willing to change ourselves. I do not mean to be a pessimist but I do not see that willingness to change. I am sorry for a country that is more concerned about finding Pokémon than who will lead this country.

It is time for every citizen in America to hold every politician accountable for their actions. It is also time for every citizen to be accountable for their actions. Demand that political parties supply us with good candidates. Vote on their record and not their promises. Vote for America. Vote for Us.

Then we will all wake up to a brighter new day. God bless America


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