6 Tips Which Will Help You Manage Your Free-Time

Everyone has been in a place where there’s actually some free time and maybe even a whole day. They make all kinds of plans to get those things done that have been put off for a very long time. But, what happens? This day is gone, and nothing got done! This supposed free time was just an illusion.
This free time allows a person to get way-laid by this or that and not finishing anything. It feels so good to have all of this free time and things keep getting set aside because they can be done later. The problem comes when the time runs out, and not much got done. It can be so irritating not to accomplish much during this precious free time.

1. Make a List

It’s important to write it down and not rely on memory. A mental list is easy to set aside, forget, or simply ignore. By writing things down, a commitment is made to complete each item. First, set the amount of time it should take to complete each one. Then, schedule the time to do each one. Finally, try to abide by the schedule as much as possible.

2. Break Down the List

People can set themselves up for failure or frustrations if their list is too all-encompassing. When the original list is completed, break down each task. If the task is to clean house, break it down to doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the carpet, and other things that fall under this task. Mark of each task as it’s completed until the “clean house” task is finished. When breaking tasks down in this manner, the tasks are much easier to complete, and this gives a person a good feeling.

3. Ignore Technology

When people have extra free time on their hands, it’s so easy to get caught up in social media, research, emails, instant messaging, and chat rooms. It’s difficult to ignore the sound on an email being received or someone sending a message. When people are distracted, by an alert, it takes about 15 minutes to return to the point they were at when they were doing something productive. When working on the scheduled tasks disconnect from technology and enjoy the freedom from distractions.
When some free time opens up some people may decide to make a list and follow it to get things done. Then there are times when people want to take this free time to do something just for themselves. Here are some suggestions to enjoy the free time and to also be productive.

4. Personal Education

A lot of people enjoy writing, and most do it as a hobby. They may be slowly writing a book, a journal, or are writing about their travels. Some people like to write articles or stories about all kinds of things. Maybe there’s an interest in writing a blog for a friend’s website, but they don’t know how to write a blog. Perhaps there’s a class or course that they’ve always wanted to take. And then, there may be a desire to brush up on a subject of interest. There is a vast amount of websites to keep a person sharp on any subject. Start the search for educational tips and find the one that is most suitable.

5. Organize Finances

This task is one that not many people like or want to do. If theirs is some free time, get rid of distractions, turn on some soft music and tackle this project. It will be extremely rewarding once it’s finished. Everyone spends an enormous amount of energy and time making their money. Then doesn’t it make sense that peoples’ money is working for them.

6. Play Brain Games

When there is free time, get involved in brain games. They help the mind to stay sharp and will improve cognitive abilities. These games are really a lot of fun, and they are played against the clock and not other people. All it takes is a few minutes to play one game, so they can be played anytime there’s some free time.

These are busy times and seem to be getting busier. It’s now starting to affect our free time giving us more and more ways to spend this time off. We’ve tried hard to be smarter in our work life, and now it seems we must be smarter about our free time.

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