Mainstream Media Let You Down!

The mainstream media let their audience down. They fed them a single-minded false narrative that Hillary Clinton could do no wrong and that Donald Trump and his supporters were horrible human beings. They pounded away at it, ignoring the groundswell that ultimately led to the greatest mic drop in American politics, a Donald Trump victory. And you were shocked! Why? The MSM (mainstream media) produced the Kool-aid, and you drank it all down.

Why would they do this?

The money was too good, the ratings too high. Like I said in my prior blog post, News Media and Bias, “News organizations have turned news programs into shows. Sensationalism and confrontation sells.” So the media found their Holy Grail and kept feeding the narrative. Lining their pockets with cash all along the way. It was never their intent to cover what was happening between both coasts. Middle America is too dumb, not hip. The MSM are comprised of elitists and it didn’t fit the narrative that became their cash cow. Instead, their coverage became ideological, not news. This was a great disservice to their audience.

Looking back, it is evident now that the mainstream media never intended to produce balanced coverage. Wikileaks proved there was collusion between some journalists and the Clinton campaign and “news shows” continuously cherry-picked soundbites and information that fueled confrontation for higher ratings. Meanwhile, signs of an uprising was underway and it was ignored. It was a groundswell that came together like a perfect storm this election cycle. A populist movement like no other. A movement that President-elect Trump tapped into and rode to The White House.

You see, if the media elites, pundits and paid contributors were honest and not dismissive of the working class, you would have known. There was an uprising brewing of working class folks that said no more, we won’t be ignored, we won’t cower because of our beliefs, we want real change and we want it now! (Is it possible only Michael Moore saw this coming?) So these so-called “deplorables” acted en masse and did the only thing left they could do… VOTE. Vote to rattle the cages of the establishment. The vote that effectively caused damage to both parties. Democracy at its finest.

Their voting was their peaceful protest. A protest to be heard. A protest against losing jobs, a weakening economy, failed foreign policy, increased acceptance of illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, skyrocketing healthcare costs and continued failed leadership. The list goes on. These voters were not just republicans, but democrats and independents that were non-white as well. This was a populist movement.

So go ahead and protest. It is your right. Keep being shocked and wonder how this could have happened. Keep buying the narrative that President-elect Trump and his supporters are deplorable, horrible human beings looking to bring the world to an end. That the working class is dumb and not worth your attention. Keep blaming others.

Or.. demand better from the mainstream media.. Demand balance! Tell them to stop creating discourse, drop the ideology and just present the facts. Don’t get fooled again! Otherwise, drink the Kool-aid. The mainstream media loves it all the way to the bank.

Bernie Pigott is Founder/Owner of Pigott Consulting, fmr. FOX News Sr. Manager, recording artist for The B n’ R Band. Follow @PigottConLLC or contact

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