Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

… and so people will read this published in some magazine or reposted elsewhere and thus claim their expertise on the Syrian crises. However, it is the comments, not the ones offering platitudes to the writer on how wonderful this article is, but the thought provoking ones providing a critique and filling in the gaps, that really start to inform the readers. My only conclusion is that we never truly know what the motivating factors were and truly what influences were at play because we listen from afar and then only to a few narratives which have their own biases.

I do ask this question though, if the ones fleeing this conflict (if that is what you can call it) are the ones that dispise the West for their contributions to this, then what will they do when their numbers become greater? Will they let go of this animosity, will they overcome it, is it a non-starter to begin with or what? Or will it also be here 100 or even a 1000 years from now, like it still is over there?

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