This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

First, thank you for this article. It does confirm what I have suspected and for the most part know about how we are being manipulated. But really brings some clarity to the subject.

I like to mess with FB. Click on things randomly. Leave vague comments. Unsubscribe to things. Its fun to see what they think I will like next……. they are soooooooo wrong. I guess they don’t realize that people actually get sick of seeing the same things all the time. I suspect they are analysing my words right now.

I am surprised that people didn’t catch on to this a long time ago. Stories being posted that were fiction to ellicite simpathy. The ‘my jaw dropped’ headlines crap. I guess maybe I just never liked that kind of journalism if you can call it that. Now so called journalists will sell their soul for viewers that bring in money.

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