Yep. I completely agree.
Nikki J. North

I have been in the Tech industry for quite a number of years as well and frankly I have experienced worse behaviour from the women that I worked with than the men. They have been manipulative, exclusionary, petty, cruel, bitchy and mean. I have been thrown under the bus more times by the women I have worked with than men. Yes, I have encountered sexism and sexual harrassment from men but I didn’t put up with it. It is easier to identify and call out the latter then the former. Can’t go to the boss and say ‘Sally’ is being mean to me. Generally you just put up with it by ignoring it. I have never really held much faith in gender solidarity. I like who I like and associate with a person and not a gender and I like them because they are a decent and likable individual and we have things in common. Thank you Nikki you articulated exactly what I was thinking about this article.

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