How Airbnb could help the smart home
Stacey Higginbotham

Funny you should post this now. We just came back from a VRBO with some IoT features today. We’re IoT enthusiasts at home, but for a quick vacation the complexity was too much.

We had Nest thermostats which had remembered settings from previous visitors, and frequently reset our preferred 72F to something much cooler. So that’s hardly a trial run of the benefits we would get if we had one at home.

And of course the TV/audio system is a big headache in a new setting. Even with an all-in-one remote. With the help of the landlord we managed to bypass one malfunctioning CableDVR by turning devices on and off manually, and switching one remote between settings for two different rooms (just to watch in one room).

My wife said “Let’s stay somewhere else next time”.

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