Trans Pacific Partnership versus Independent free trading nations…since 1942 UN…

The Trans- Pacific Partnership is as I understand an illegal instrument of commercial trade and against the UN first agreement of 1942 for which within includes non conspiracy laws of inclusion or exclusion bindings of any sort of trade mercantile military, political or monetary bindings inclusive or exclusive ones, providential are these laws that pre-exist these agreements, in fact all the new age trade agreements serve no one but the inclusions of a few corporations whom design them with the conservative body that gains, typically British ones and commonwealth ones that constructed the first ones that Thatcher and Mulroney introduced to a weakened Reagan administration and these agreements recently constructed broach the law, UN 1940s. Obama mentioned in his first term of the question of Nafta validity though nothing has been followed up. these laws were placed for protection that nations serve freely all not exclusively or inclusively on another, and those members of the UN are already free to trade with one another anyway and there was never any need for any of these further agreements in the first place. The laws of the 1940s UN were considerate of the consequences of those nations that did combine to groups would only serve themselves and provide shortages of products and resources that others required and also tether their requirements only to serve the groups, so to have this new age politician undermine these precepts and laws is to deprive nations of freedoms to access across the board that which was protected as free trading nations free to trade with each other as one would do business with your neigbour in your own nation. From each according to need to each according to ability is a proviso…not accordingly to profit.

the main motivator of these recent agreements is no doubt, however big oil and big pharmacy that seems to rule the world now? And Obama is nnot the construct of these more likely the conservative Canadian north and their pipelines operatives.

Yours very truly, Bernard Louis Liberto

Trans Pacific Partnership versus Independent free trading nations…since 1942 UN…


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