Netanyahu takes full advantage of his pal Trump’s U.S.-China trade war by strengthening ties with China & Russia

The New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle | Part 1

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s friendship with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is well known. Trump endorsed Netanyahu in the 2013 Israel elections and in December 2017, as U.S. President, Trump announced the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocated the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Netanyahu welcomed and praised the decision. In June 2019, Netanyahu officially renamed a settlement in the disputed Golan Heights in honor of Trump after Trump made a proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in March 2019. Netanyahu was friends with Donald’s father, Fred Trump, while living in New York in the 1980s as an United Nations ambassador.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and his father Charles, a convicted felon, are very close to Netanyahu. Netanyahu even stayed at Charles Kushner’s house when Jared was in high school.

While Trump has the United States embroiled in a trade war with China, his close pal Netanyahu is further jeopardizing U.S. national security through historic technology, academic and sea port deals with China. U.S. officials have asked Israel to establish a government body to vet foreign investments. The Netanyahu regime said no. Netanyahu is currently pushing for a free trade agreement with China (2019) as he looks to “marry Israel’s technology with China’s capacity.”

Russia and China recently “signed an agreement that pledges to move away from the U.S. dollar using trade with the ruble and the yuan, and to move to allow Chinese telecom giant Huawei to develop a 5G network in Russia”.

Netanyahu refuses to sanction Russia and is seeking to sign a free trade agreement with the Russian led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and so is Iran.

A disclaimer is needed for the above Sputnik International article. Sputnik is Kremlin funded and the article cites Kahanist Avigdor Eskin, whose history and networks are of importance and will be discussed later in this series. Eskin says Israel is a lot better off after the assassination of Israel Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin.

  • Fogelman, Shay (November 5, 2010). ‘“We Won”’ | Fifteen years after casting a death curse on Yitzhak Rabin, Avigdor Eskin is satisfied with the way his views are spreading. Now, to further his ideological and business interests, he is allying with white segregationists in South Africa. Haaretz.

NYC based Orthodox Jewish news outlet Voz Iz Neias? gave a detailed 2017 report on Israel’s role assisting Russia with cyber interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election to help elect Trump, which was approved at the highest levels of the Netanyahu regime.

Progressive freelance journalist Richard Silverstein reported that Putin and Russia sought to influence Israel’s last election to help ensure a Netanyahu victory. Haaretz hinted at this without directly naming Russia.

Towards the end of Red Mafiya, a must read book that details the Russian mob’s U.S. takeover published in 2000, author and patriot Robert I. Friedman stated (emphasis added):

“Of all the nations where the Russian mob has established a presence, none has been more deeply compromised than the State of Israel”…

There is not a major Russian organized crime figure who we are tracking who does not also carry an Israeli passport,” says [U.S.] senior State Department official Jonathan Winer. …

Many of the mobsters who have Israeli citizenship, such as Eduard Ivankov and Sergei Mikhailov, are not even Jewish. In the mid-1990s, an Israeli police sting — code-named Operation Romance — netted, among others, a high-ranking Interior Ministry official who was taking payoffs from Mikhailov and convicted KGB spy Shabtai Kalmanovitch to issue passports to dozens of Russian gangsters, according to Brigadier General Hezi Leder, the Israeli police attaché in Washington, and classified FBI documents. (Kalmanovitch, after serving time in an Israeli prison for treason, became one of Moscow’s most notorious mobsters and frequently returns to Israel.)

Russia’s criminal aristocracy covets Israeli citizenship “because they know Israel is a safe haven for them,” said Leder. “We do not extradite citizens.”

The Russians then use the safe haven to travel around the world and rape and pillage,” added Moody.

The country has also remained attractive to gangsters because “Israel is good for money laundering,” explained Leder. Under Israeli law, banks can accept large cash deposits with no questions asked. … “I’ve watched Russian mobsters exchange suitcases full of cash out in the open at the Dan Hotel’s swimming pool,” laughed an American underworld crime figure. “Israel is a country that encourages people to come and invest money,” said Leder. “There is no mechanism to check the origin of the money.

Israeli police officials estimate that Russian mobsters have poured more than $4 billion of dirty money into Israel’s economy, though some estimates range as high as $20 billion. They have purchased factories, insurance companies, and a bank. They tried to buy the now defunct, pro-Labor Party Davar daily newspaper, and the pro-Likud Maariv, the nation’s second largest newspaper. They have even put together a koopa, or a pool of money, for bribes and other forms of mutual support. One of Leder’s greatest fears is that the Russians will compromise Israel’s security by buying companies that work for the military-industrial complex. The mobsters, in fact, attempted to purchase a gas and oil company that maintains strategic reserves for Israel’s military. “They could go to the stock market and buy a company that’s running communications in the military sector,” he complains.

Insinuating themselves throughout the country, Russian dons have bought large parcels of impoverished development towns, taking over everything from local charities to the town hall. For instance, Gregory Lerner, a major Russian crime boss who arrived in Israel with huge amounts of money, allegedly owns everything from fashionable restaurants to parts of several port city waterfronts. …

One politician already ensnared in the web of organized crime is Russian-born Natan Sharansky, the head of the Russian Yisrael Ba-Aliya and minister of the interior in the government of Prime Minister Ehud Barak. … In Israel, the charismatic dissident was lionized by the Jewish people, and he became a power broker for the large and growing Russian émigré community, whom he helped integrate into a rigid society that sometimes seemed jealous of the talented new Russians.

However, Sharansky has publicly admitted that his party has accepted campaign contributions from NORDEX president Grigori Loutchansky. Officials from the U.S. Congress, the State Department, and the CIA pleaded with Sharansky to sever his ties to Loutchansky. “We told Sharansky to stop taking money from Loutchansky,” says Winer. “We told him about [Loutchansky’s] MO: bribery, influence peddling, that he was a bridge between foreign governments and traditional organized crime.”

The CIA warned him that Loutchansky was trying to buy influence through him and his party for [the] Russian Organized Crime/ Russian government combine. We told Sharansky that Loutchansky is a major crook.” (Sharansky declined to comment.)

Ignoring all the warnings, Sharansky introduced Loutchansky to Benjamin Netanyahu prior to Israel’s 1996 national elections. The Israeli press reported that Netanyahu received $1.5 million in campaign contributions from Loutchansky, a charge the prime minister hotly denied. “The Likud is corrupt, and Bibi [Netanyahu] is disgusting,” says Winer. “He’s had meetings with Loutchansky and Kobzon — criminals promoting their own interests.”

With two decades of unimpeded growth, the Russian Mafiya has succeeded in turning Israel into its very own “mini-state,” in which it operates with virtual impunity. Although many in international law enforcement believe that Israel is by now so compromised that its future as a nation is imperiled, its government, inexplicably, has done almost nothing to combat the problem. In June 1996 Leder, then chief of Israeli police intelligence, prepared a three-page classified intelligence assessment that concluded: “Russian organized groups [had] become a strategic threat” to Israel’s existence. He documented how they were infiltrating the nation’s business, financial, and political communities. Shahal used the report to brief Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Shin Bet, Israel’s FBI, and Mossad, and provided his own recommendations on how to uproot the Russian mob.

Before Rabin had a chance to act on the plan, he was assassinated by a right-wing Jewish religious zealot in Tel Aviv following a peace rally. Shimon Peres subsequently set up an intra-agency intelligence committee on the Russian mob after reading Leder’s report, but did little else. Leder’s report was shelved by Netanyahu, according to Shahal.”


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