4 Primary Reasons why People Opt for Rhinoplasty

ENT doctors, whether in Houston or Dallas or for that matter in any other city in the US, always have their hands full; thanks to the rapid increase in the number of patients. In fact, you would be surprised to know that some ENT doctors are so busy that the patients have to wait for months before they can get an appointment. One of the reasons for the busy schedule of ENT doctors is that the number of people looking for surgeries to fix issues with their ear, nose and other facial features, is on the rise.

One such surgery is rhinoplasty, a type of surgical procedure performed on the nose. In this post, we discuss some of the major reasons why some people have to go through this procedure.

1. Accidents

Whether somebody breaks their nose due to a minor accident such as tripping over and falling flat on surface or they meet with a major road accident on the road, accidents do occur and are unavoidable. Under such circumstances it becomes necessary for the person to undergo a rhinoplasty surgery. To make sure the surgery yields good results, the person undergoing it must get it done within the first two weeks of the accident.

2. Breathing Problems

Breathing trouble caused by a deviated septum is one of the major reasons for people to undergo functional rhinoplasty surgery. In medical terms, this case of deviated septum is known as nostril collapse. The rhinoplasty surgery in such a case is covered by most insurance companies as it comes under the category of a medical procedure. In fact, many people when undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery get the cosmetic changes done to their nose as well.

3. Cosmetic Reasons

It is not very rare to read or hear about celebrities opting for cosmetic surgery. It is necessary for them as they are in a business that demands them to look good. There are, on the other hand, some common people who were born with a bumpy, crooked or prominent nose and always suffered from low self-esteem because of it. In such cases, people facing any issue with their nose prefer going for a rhinoplasty surgery to boost their self-confidence.

4. Sinus Infections

Chronic Snoring and breathing problems are some of the minor issues caused by a deviated septum, whereas sinus infections and sinusitis are some of the more severe medical conditions caused by the same. The patient needs to undergo septoplasty, a type of rhinoplasty, to get rid of this medical condition. However, this medical procedure can only be carried out on a person above 18 years of age as the septum is its growth stage until that age, and should therefore not be messed around.


Undergoing a surgical procedure for reasons such as a medical condition or an accident is unavoidable. Having said that, whether or not individuals should undergo surgery for reasons related to their self-esteem has always been a hot topic of discussion. As it is a matter of personal choice, therefore, our only advice would be to research thoroughly before going for surgery, to avoid any complications at a later stage.