So much time doing everything we can to dissociate from the “man-hating” stereotype.
I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too
Alicen Grey

While I completely agree that it is, in fact, an act of patriarchy to have to seek male approval for feminism, it’s a good strategy to invite men into discussion and participation. The truth of the matter is that insofar as we continue to alienate white men from feminism and anti-racism, reactionary movements will continue to grow stronger. Is it not at all startling to anyone that the KKK magically surged in the 21st century — the time we all thought we were finally reaching the “progress” in “progressive”? Is not the MRA movement an equivalently strange occurrence for that same time period?

Women have every right and justification to get pissed, be aggressive and spit in the face of male approval. That is feminism — real and pure feminism. But, feminism may not be the most effective way to equality, and the reality of our time proves this.

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