For starters. I’m not really a blogger. Sorry. Let me correct myself. I’m really not a blogger. Like, not at all. Like, definitely not one. Like, never again in my life! Yeah… Was once, not doing it again.

But there is this friend of mine, a really good one, by the way. Now, she IS a blogger, capital B, as I see it. She said, why woldn’t you try Medium? You don’t even have to write something special, or write at all, she said. Just be there, and be you.

Did I mention she is a good friend of mine? Good friends always know how to lure you into the trap. Be me… Oughh… What a horrible idea! But so tempting…

So. I decided it worth a try. Anyway, nobody will read my notes. And, since I was invited here to be me, this is what I intend to do. Which mean, I’m going to write about everything and nothing, anything that’s on my mind. For what it worth I may even write my notes in English. After all, my English is not horrible, just pitiful. So I can, you know, get some practice. Error correction and free English lessons are very welcomed, thank you in advance.

Well, let’s give it a try, shall we?

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