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Miracle Mint

Miracle Nutraceuticals LLC, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer of next generation dietary and nutritional supplements led by renowned serial entrepreneur CEO Bert Bedrosian is announcing today the launch of MIRACLE MINT, a new product that allows consumers to lose weight while gaining hours of energy. Miracle Nutraceuticals’ MIRACLE MINT is the world’s first appetite suppression and energy confection. Mr. Bedrosian is known for launching a slew of successful global brands. He launched MTV’s first worldwide branding and licensing division with their first ever licensed products, he was also the original financial partner of Tapout, the popular MMA brand and he was instrumental in executing the strategy for the global growth of their products.

Mr. Bedrosian also created electronic software that can help save lives including satellite navigation improvements and enhanced 911, which have helped people around the world with safety. His MIRACLE MINT venture is the latest chapter in this mission to ignite next generation products that help make a difference in people’s lives.

MIRACLE MINT, which will be hitting retail stores everywhere in the fall could provide the key to helping millions of Americans lead a healthier lifestyle. MIRACLE MINT allows people to lose weight while gaining energy at the same time, as the product stops hunger and allows for hours of sustained energy by simply chewing a mint.

Miracle Nutraceuticals LLC assembled the best Doctors, nutritionists and chemists to develop MIRACLE MINT, and the result is a breakthrough product that includes the finest and most effective ingredients while creating a safe and effective delivery leading to almost immediate results. The company recently finalized a market test in Columbus, Ohio to rave reviews and MIRACLE MINT is now ready for national distribution. MIRACLE MINT will come in a standard 7 MINT container and also a trial size 2 MINT pack. The company can also cater to customers with a larger 30 MINT value pack.

“Our goal was to develop a product that would help every man and woman reach their fitness and weight loss goals,” says MIRACLE MINT CEO, Bert Bedrosian. “Now that we have filed our patents and other intellectual property as well as tested our product successfully at retail, we have appointed a prominent national broker to make our product available to the masses. We expect to announce that partnership shortly,” Bedrosian explains.

For more information and to purchase MIRACLE MINT, visit http://www.mymiraclemint.com .

About MIRACLE MINT and Miracle Nutraceuticals, LLC CEO Bert Bedrosian:

MIRACLE MINT is an appetite suppressing, focus enhancing, energy mint. It is the most researched and effective product of its type ever developed. Miracle Mint nutritionists and chemists have created this breakthrough product using the world’s finest and most effective ingredients, while creating a safe and effective delivery system for both appetite suppression and quality sustained energy. MIRACLE MINT is the first product in the world to combine appetite suppression with sustained energy using this methodology.

Over the past several decades, there are relatively few individuals throughout the world who have enjoyed the sustained and robust international business success of Miracle Nutraceuticals, LLC CEO Bert Bedrosian. His breath of accomplishments includes all areas of financing, manufacturing, marketing, branding and distribution. MIRACLE MINT is Bedrosian’s latest venture in a string of successful entrepreneurial pursuits including CAP Cities ABC partnership, MTV’s first licensed product and the origination of MTV’s worldwide branding and licensing division, The UFC, Viacom, Raleigh Berhad (Raleigh Bicycles), LeRun Industries, X-10, Brown Bavari, Healthlink and Volta International just to name a few.

Bert is also the singular or co-author of numerous patents from category changing electronic products and improvements, to cutting edge software such as satellite navigation improvements and enhanced 911. This list also includes several household name products and technologies. Among other international success stories, Bedrosian was responsible for financing, launching and supporting the highly successful MMA Company, Tapout.

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