there is a tiny little one that i especially love. i have returned to him to see how he is growing. i love you little one. i sit with your peers in this large field and watch you dance in the wind. go. go. little one. little green blade of grass. you are the most favorite of mine. all the other little grassies are good as well, but you are the best one. you are so green. i watch you, erect, as i am. majesty. glory. thank you for being there for me. i am here for you. goodbye now…

where have you gone? my little grass where have you gone?

where are you? i have returned to see you dance…

where are you? i ask your friends. where is my little grassie?

you are not here anymore. you are gone. i ask of myself — maybe you have misplaced your remembrance of the location of little grassie?

no — i know my grassie. i know him. he is like the others, but not like the others.

where are you?

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