Photo by Matthew Henry

And Then I Moved Out of the City

Maybe you should too…

It had swallowed me whole. This wasn’t how I had planned it.

But that’s what life does. If you don’t make a plan, life won’t hang about making a plan for YOU.

I imagine few people think to themselves “You know what, I’m going to go live in the city”. It just, happens. Just — because.

School happens in the city. Because that’s where the teachers live. University happens in the city. Because that’s where the fun is (until you’re 23(ish), at least). And then work happens in the city. Because that’s the only place work is. So I’m told.

But why does life have to happen in the city?

Yet after so many years, we do find ourselves in the city. Doing city things. Going out to drinks every night because we are in the city. Getting five hours sleep a night because we are in the city. Refusing to go anywhere else because, well, why would we; we are already in — THE CITY.

It took me too long to realise how little I actually left the city. Despite loving so much outside of the city. In fact, most of what I love exists there. Beyond the extremities of city.

Beaches — surfing — space — a sense of freedom — a feeling of exploration.

People grateful they get to live in such a beautiful place, despite the number of things that don’t quite function as they should, but that’s all OK as it’s kind of expected “because we’re not in the city, after all.”

So why wasn’t I there?

Unless we make conscious decisions, we can forget the things that we actively want. We convince ourselves that what we are doing is what we want to be doing because to say otherwise would be to admit that we are actively living against our will. And we’re too proud to say that.

Call it cognitive dissonance, or stubbornness, or call it whatever you want. In reality, it seems more like stupidity.

So, I questioned, “need I be stupid anymore?” Perhaps not.

And then I moved out of the city.

And I haven’t looked back.

If you can relate — or have taken the choice to live where YOU love — then share some gratitude with the world (or a clap!). It’s time to choose our own path, starting with where we live!!