Finding somewhere to eat in Japan as a neurotic

Oh great I’m hungry again. Time to suffer immensely over an everyday decision most people make with total ease.

Healthy or tasty? I don’t care what any veggie/paleo/whatever person says , healthiness and tastiness are impossible to locate in the same meal.

New dish or old? What if the latter is healthy and the former tasty? Well, I know what answer my sweet (and salty) tooth wants me to give to that (no shits given).

But I’m tired of my post-munch bloating, regret and lethargy. And I don’t want to give my hypochondria any solid evidence for its allegations. It’s making a big enough fuss as it is.

I want a self-service machine because I don’t want anyone to look at and/or talk to me.

This place is too bright. I need a dark corner to hide in.

It’s too commercial. I don’t want a big chain store. I want a restaurant owned by the same family for the last 200 years. Ideally with the same prices.

Fuck it, give me some 7–11 sushi.