One year in the book at Techstars Paris

Bertier Luyt
Feb 12, 2018 · 4 min read

What a year it’s been!

Exactly one year ago, in February 2017, with the team, we were quietly preparing the landing of Techstars Paris, the opening of the applications for the first Techstars class in France and the opening of our offices on top of the Partech Shaker.

Partech Shaker rooftop with a 360° view over Paris

After 3 months of recruiting, many office hours, meetings, conversations, hangouts, conferences and interviews, we selected the 10 best startups for the first class of Techstars Paris. We received applications from all over the world, from 65 countries.

Startups all over the world want to be selected into Techstars Paris Accelerator

Techstars Paris network is made of 173 mentors that accepted to be directly involved or a resource for the teams + corporate partners that bring in industry experts and business opportunities +investors who want to meet early on with the selected startups + friends and families from the startup scene and of course the global Techstars ecosystem.

Thank you Techstars Paris mentors!

The 3 months acceleration program, Techstars offers to startup, packs about 2 years of meetings, business opportunities and investment conversations. Mentors engagement is a big part of the success of a class. Thank to them for their commitment and generosity.

Techstars Paris Accelerator 2017 was supported by a unique consortium of corporate partners: AccorHotels, Air Liquide, FDJ, Groupama, Renault, RCI Bank & Services and Total.

This consortium permitted the launch of 11 proof of concepts during the program; giving the startups a privileged opportunity to demonstrate the value added by their technologies and services for the corporate partners.

What it means to work with corporate partners at Techstars Paris Accelerator

Techstars Paris Accelerator Class of 2017

Techstars Paris class of 2017 startups list

We chose 10 teams, led by founders who trust Techstars for being the network that makes entrepreneurs succeed. They were brave enough for some to leave their home countries to come to Paris for the 3 months of the program.

Out of 10 companies, 6 came from outside of France; 3 of them decided to install their headquarters in France, creating value and jobs locally.

Techstars Paris 2017 gathered people from 19 different countries over the 3 months class, making it a very diverse and rich group of people.

Techstars Paris 2017 people came from 19 countries

After 3 months of meetings, mentoring, training, many late nights, the 10 founders presented their startups to investors and partners at Station F, for Techstars Paris Demo Day.

For the occasion, Techstars founder and CEO, David Cohen came to Paris to support the founders on this important day in their entrepreneurs’ journey.

David Cohen, Techstars, founder and CEO

Before the startups pitch, Sarah Missen, Techstars Director of Partnerships animated a panel on investing in France with guests from VC firms Mosaic Ventures, Point Nine, Accel and Partech Ventures.

Guests VC panel, hosted by Sarah Missen is cybersecurtity from Armenia, relocated in Paris France.

Aram, fouder and CEO,

Eyelights: a heads up display for riders and hands on activities, Toulouse France.

Romain Duflot, founder and CEO, Eye Lights

HydroIq: world’s first Water Virtual Network Operator, Nairobi, Kenya.

Brian, founder and CEO, HydroIq

Lovys: all in one mobile insurance offer, Paris France.

Joao, founder and CEO, Lovys

Miuros: smart analytics for customer service support, Paris France.

Benoit, founder and CEO, Miuros

Pomp: energy delivery on demand, Paris France.

Hugo, founder and CEO

SnapSwap: Know Your Customer as a service.

Denis, founder and CEO, Snapswap

Terramanta: Predictive analytics for commodities, Irvine California.

Leon, founder and CEO, Terramanta

Wakeo: data analytics for the shipping goods industry, Paris France.

Zify: community ride sharing, relocated from India to Paris France.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the teams at Techstars, Techstars Paris and Partech Shaker who made the first class of Techstars Paris Accelerator a success.

Techstars: David Cohen, David Brown, Greg Rogers, Sarah Missen, Jess Williamson, all support teams in Boulder, and Europe.

Techstars Paris: Queta Gonzalez, Marine Doux, Morgane Suignard, André de Albuquerque, Domitille Biehlmann, Ryan Connolly, Veronique Herry.

Partech Shaker: Romain Lavault, Marie Raichvarg, Marine, Bénédicte, Gilles.

Sorry for all the ones I forgot, please let me know, and I’ll add your names to Techstars Paris Hall of Fame.

In one week, we will open the applications for Techstars Paris Accelerator class of 2018.

If you are in Paris, please meet with us on February 20th for our first meetup.

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