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A walking & cycling photography adventure in the beautiful island surroundings of Northern Cyprus.

April 2019 by Bertie Victor

Sun setting at Sunset Point in Cyprus
Sun setting at Sunset Point in Cyprus
The sun setting at Sunset Point in Cyprus.

I wanted to travel solo for so long.

I was always travelling and meeting friends along the way, or with someone close, which does make for interesting anecdotes while abroad.. but something inside me always wanted to go it alone. See things without any distraction and just explore in my own way.

There’s something liberating about waking up and knowing wherever you walk, it’s all new, and all for you. The mind is overflowed with new combinations of colour, shapes and abstract views your brain hasn’t seen before.


A fun and exciting daily photo challenge for kids and adults who have big imaginations. 14 days of adventure with your favourite figures!

April 2020 by Bertie Victor

Find more information about our family photography on our family page.

These challenges can be done any time!

A hungry T-Rex prowls the land for his next meal.

I have so many toys..

..from my childhood, stored in boxes and pushed way back on the shelves, gone from my memory for years. It was time for a clear out at home and whilst shifting it all I came across the stacked mountain of memories, how exciting!

It was such fun going through all my old toys; the cars I raced daily, the teddies…

A stroll through the old architecture of the beautiful city of Amsterdam in April, with cloudy skies and bustling streets.

April 2017 by Bertie Victor

The canals of Amsterdam showcase the beauty of this city.

Amsterdam called me from afar..

..many years ago and the first time I travelled there I was in awe of the huge buildings, happy people and busy city life. A place full of the weird and wonderful, taking a walk through the streets deep in the city yields visual excitement like no other.

The canals criss-cross the narrow streets and are so pretty reflecting the lights of the shopfronts in the evenings. …

Taking the mountain roads by motorcycle around the hills and valleys of Corfu in the brilliant summer sunshine, a photography adventure.

May 2018 by Bertie Victor

View from the raised terrace at the accommodation

I never realised how many steep hills there were.. Corfu until I collected the motorcycle from the dealership and went for a ride!

Taking a quick tour of the local landscape to get my bearings and the feel of the bike on day one, I found that most places of interest on my map would involve a lot of steep inclines. I was glad I had upgraded to the bigger bike engine for the full trip!


Motorcycling around the beautiful coastlines of Crete, enjoying fine food and amazing scenery, a photography adventure.

July 2017 by Bertie Victor

View from my accommodation on the first morning.

The taste of Olvies in the air..

..hit me as I stepped off the plane. It was viscous, in the air like honey on your tongue. Never had I experienced a smell so overpowering, but welcoming.

It was late evening around 10pm when I stepped into the airport terminal and found my ride to the hotel. I had used a local motorcyle firm for hire of a motorbike during my visit. They very kindly arranged to pick me up from the airport to take me to…

Bertie Victor

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