Angela Eagle’s campaign and Labour’s crisis
Owen Jones

To be honest I am about done with Labour. All I want is for the party to take the fight to the Tories, for MPs to recognise that they are only in their position because of the people and to remember that they’ve been elected to serve them and not themselves.

Angela Eagle is, I am sure, a decent, honourable person driven to resignation and plot by what she sees is a clear and present danger to the Labour Party. But really, is now the right time?? Was a month of post Brexit calm too much to ask the party in order to underscore what damage David Cameron and his ill-conceived referendum has done to this country? I fear now that the country will view the financial chaos and fallout as partly the fault of Labour rather than taking aim squarely at UKIP and the Tories.

This whole affair has been an act of self-immolation at a time when the country is screaming out for a viable opposition. There are ways out of this but it will take political will, decency and restraint to achieve it. If Labour can’t come to an agreement and get back to focus on the big picture then they don’t deserve to survive.

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