Google My Business Becomes the Place for Small Businesses to Use Google Posts

Many small businesses use Google Posts. It’s been an experimental service for small businesses to create content on Google in a direct way. It allows for a high ranking and they get search results under their business name. The feature is now being moved to fall under Google My Business.

Google Posts launched in January 2016 so that US presidential candidates were able to use it. In March, it was then extended for businesses to use. It was a card-like format that showed up in the search engines.

People cannot access any of the Posts if they go to Google Posts. They are only made available organically in the search engines.

As of March 2017, Google has made the program opened to sports teams and leagues in both the United States and Brazil. Movies and museums in both countries were also invited to participate.

Google has actually been working to make Google Posts available to more businesses and organizations recently. It’s still not available to the general public yet, though. If people haven’t already been invited, then they have to wait until Google makes the expansion. When this will happen is unclear.

Small businesses are excited by all of the possibilities that exist with Google Posts. It’s their chance to have content be seen in the search engines without directly competing with the larger businesses that have much larger budgets. Many businesses feel as though they shouldn’t even bother with search engine optimization because of the cost involved to compete with larger businesses that not only spend more money but also have been established for a lot longer.

It only makes sense that Google Posts has now been moved to within the Google My Business page. For a while now, Google My Business has been a way for businesses to take ownership of their location, and be sure that they are visible within Google. A business has the ability to publish their operating hours, phone numbers, and even provide directions to their location using Google Maps.

When someone searches for a business in their area, they want as much contact information as possible. They also want to learn about all of their options, not just the ones that have paid to spend the money on search engine optimization. Google is looking to provide this with their introduction of Google Posts as well as Google My Business.

All of these features offered by the search engine leader are at no cost to small businesses. The free service is perhaps one of the most attractive features to small businesses. They’re able to get content to help them with ranking and visibility in the search engines and protect their profits at the same time.

Now that Google Posts has moved to Google My Business, it’s hopefully only a matter of time before small businesses everywhere will have the opportunity to use the features. It could be a game changer for the way small businesses compete in the online arena.