I’m not good at this

Update — This week has been one of the more trying weeks in memory.

Some highlights:

  • Work is decently stressful and busy. This is nothing new but worth noting in light of the below.
  • My wife is due to deliver our daughter in less than two weeks (hi Emi!)
  • On Monday morning my Father-In-Law and I were victims of an attempted robbery in broad daylight
  • Monday evening my wife (unborn daughter), FIL, and I were victims of an automobile accident and the hospital experience we had an hour from home was less than perfect. I was launched into our windshield and rushed to the hospital. I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt because we were parked in a parking spot!
  • Less impactful but irritating— I had to sell my tickets to the 7/4 Dodger game
  • I’ve been in pain all week due to the accident
  • My son was in an automobile accident Thursday
  • My wife and I have had some stressful times due to all of the above and general things that women deal with during pregnancy

As if the above list wasn’t enough I’ll add one more to it…I’m not handling any of it very well. I’m a terrible patient and am frustrated by the pain and how the injuries have impacted my life this week. Combine this with a less than fun time at home and I am ending this week in a dark place.

All of this has caused me to look far inward and focus too much attention on me. As a result, my life is out of balance. My life works best when I’m in a position of being able to be selfless and far more focused on those I love, my church, my peers, and my work.

Why am I writing any of this? Well, I suppose I know that my blog is rarely read by anyone but maybe by saying this “out loud” I can bring some healing to my life by acknowledging that I need to refocus my energy.

If you’re still reading then maybe you can relate to this? Maybe at life’s toughest moments I should take advantage of this opportunity to be even more selfless, to give more of myself when it hurts because I have far less to give right now, to be more like Jesus Christ who sacrificed so much for the ideals and people he cared for so deeply.


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