Last standing

Bert Chancellor

What has your 2018 been like? How are you feeling about the year, especially considering that we’re heading into the last quarter of it.

For me it’s been tough. I won’t bore you with the details as I’m sure it would pale in comparison to what you or others are dealing with. Over a period of time I’ve become less and less enchanted with social media. In 2016 I deleted my Facebook for the second and hopefully last time. Early this year I removed a twitter account that I used since 2008. I have an Instagram account but routinely remove the app from my phone.

Why? Why share this or go through this exercise? Well, I’ll answer a question with a question to the reader…who are your friends? Who do you believe cares about you? For me, I had 700+ friends on Facebook. I posted for nearly two weeks that I was going to remove my account and made sure to include my email and cell number. Guess how many of my “friends” I actually heard from again….one, six months later. They asked if I had deleted my account or something.

Back to 2018, I have been and continue to deal with some of the biggest challenges of my life and in spite of my “friends” I feel alone through it all.

Here’s my advice to you…do something simple once a week — take a look through your contact list and send some text messages to friends. Send it for no reason other then to say “hi”. Reach out to the ones you love and truly listen to them.

Thanks for reading!

Bert Chancellor

Written by

Husband, Geek, Christian, Redhead fan, Mac lover, blogger, Musician, and Proud Father.

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