Stoic thoughts and childbirth

My daughter was born on July 19, a puntcual child born on her due date. I’ve been fortunate to have a few weeks away from the office to help and bond. It’s been such a blessing. She’s siting in her mamaroo less than 10 feet away from me as I type this. I hope her Mother is better off, too, with having me around to support during this joyous time.

The farther I get away from the daily grind of tasks and pressure, rinse/repeat then the clearer my head gets. It’s almost as if I start tuning into radio stations that are playing my brain’s operating system at a clear signal and volume. I recently listened to the new Kevin Rose podcast ( with Ryan Holiday and it crystalized so many thoughts swimming around in my head.

It spurred some studying when Emi napped, thoughts of “what is a stoic?” and so on. Embarressingly, I did not know much about Stoicism but found so much in common with it all. During this time off I’ve become friends with the late Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. As a person of faith I don’t believe the thoughts I’ve encountered are in opposition to my faith but perhaps others think differently.

The main discovery here was that I was already a Stoic, these ways of viewing the day to day actions in the world were already in place in my head. It just now has a name…Stoic.

Back to childbirth, as my wife went through labor I found myself feeling calm and happy. My faith and prayers were a bedrock but I also heard my own Mother in my head asking me if I had done everything I could do (in this case to prepare for this time) and I comfortable could say that I had done all that I could do. The rest was out of my control.

Stoicly yours! Oh, here’s a picture of my beautiful daughter…