In my neighborhood, more and more people have started to seize every square of land in the streets to plant some flowers, tomatoes, install some insect hotels, decorate fences… You can see it between the parking spots, around trees, and on every square of soil that wasn’t used. It’s nice to see a collaboration between inhabitants to make the public space more personal.

“Achtung: hier ist kein Hundeklo” (“Attention: this is…

I’m surprised how wearing a mask has become a norm in such a short amount of time. Did you notice how much a mask covers a face? I find it fascinating that with more than half of the face gone — including majors features such as nose and mouth — a face is still readable. You can imagine what the rest of it looks like or identify someone you know. People still look like people.

During those past quiet months spent at home, I’ve been a regular at webinars and podcasts about UX, and I noticed that the topic of cognitive biases was getting popular. This is a fascinating topic and I’m glad that awareness of the designers’ responsibility is building up in the field.

Bérénice Garnier

I’m a thorough & creative UX Designer. What drives me? Designing qualitative and innovative experiences, with people in the spotlight.

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