Read This Before You Hire A Social Media Expert
Josh Spector

Hi Josh.

Thank you for this is very sensible article. And it is something I have realised from my perspective as an energy healer. Social media steals a lot of energy. It is so easy to be distracted looking at all different interesting articles that you become scattered and forget what you were doing. I am also aware that with the information overload people find it easy to tune out and not really grasp what you are trying to say. I am of the opinion that unless you have something that has great value for people out there don’t say anything at all. As am amplifier social media is awesome. Best to amplify worthwhile things and not waste everyone’s precious time.

The point you make about hiring someone who knows your business makes a lot of sense. I have been concerned in the past that I should be doing more on social media but it doesnt generally lead to more sales of my “widget” so for me I should rather concentrate on marketing tactics that work closer to home.

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