5 Mental Biases That Cause Poor Decisions
Zat Rana

Hi Zat,

This is a really good read. I love this statement -

I am not a rational person, and nor are you

A lot of people think they are logical and rational and clear-thinking. Its not true and it is impossible to be. You can only ever see things through the filter of your own mind which has been programmed for you since birth by outside forces and by unseen forces from before birth.

This is no excuse for us to say we aren’t responsible for the things we do that are less than desirable. It is vital, as your article points out, to be aware of our thinking biases and try our best to minimise the possible damage and use the biases to advantage if we can.

Knowing we are intrinsically biased does give us a beautiful opportunity to forgive ourselves and move on when we fail, which is something many people find difficult to do.