Since the mid 90’s when the world wide web emerged companies and individuals found an easy way to communicate through blogging.

There’s still a huge argument that blogging can be outdated an it has been replaced by social media.

A question often arises on why should we start blogging when we already have a website and and social channels. Blogging has helped many companies and individuals build their brands.

On this article I’m going to give you seven reasons blogging is important for your business.

Here are the seven reasons you need to start blogging:

l A blog helps you manage your content

l It helps you share the latest news

l Is good for building traffic

l It helps you build leads

l Makes you become an authority

l It keeps your site active

l A blog helps you build a community

A blog helps you manage your content

Since blogs are created using content management systems it can enable you to organize your content. All your blog content can be managed be managed in one place. This includes all your images, videos and the rest of your text content.

A blog helps manage your content and improve your content marketing strategy. Even though your social channels can help you share your content, a blog can help you continue your marketing strategy.

You blog articles can also be pre written for future released. Your content can be organized in different categories in your industry. Preparing your future article in advance we’ll help you stay ahead of the game.

It helps you share latest news

When it comes to delivering the latest news to the public there are several ways organization can do it.

They can do it over their social media channels or through publications such as press release depending on the budget and how big the company is.

But another free method to share the company news is to use a company blog through a website.

This is one of the cheapest ways to share the latest news in company since the blog can be managed in-house. Having a company blog can be a great way for press release and reduce costs.

Is good for building traffic

Blogging is good for seo and it helps you build traffic to your website. All websites need search engine optimization(SEO) to perform on search engines.

A blog help you improve your SEO strategy, as a company you should work on optimizing your content. When you have images and videos to share a blog gives the platform to share them.

When it comes to keyword selection, you can use the type of keywords that are aligned with your service or products. SEO is one of the reasons why blogging is important for your business.

Having a static website will only help you include a few keywords in your site. While with blogging you can target multiple combination of keywords and write articles about them.

Keywords are the ones that help you drive traffic to your website hence you end up ranking high on SERPs.

A search engine results page(SERP) is a very important page for any blog since it gives natural back-links to your site. Hence blogging build traffic for your whole website not just the blog.

It helps you build leads

If there’s one method that can help you build leads for your business is blogging. A blog makes it easy for anyone including big businesses to attract potential customers.

When you start a blog in your company website and continuously publish articles you attract readers. The only thing that’s would be left is to turn then into your leads, you can do so by using a call to action.

You can place a call to action almost any where on your blog, whether it be on the header, sidebar or a pop up. This how you will get to attract customer and eventually make sales.

Makes you become an authority

Writing articles on your blog makes you the industry leader hence you become an authority in your field. When you share content content about your products it helps people learn more about you and your service.

People tend to trust anyone who gives them information. A business blog enables you to build trust with your audience. Your audience also learn from you as they will see that you are providing value.

Building content and becoming an authority in your fields might but once you write several articles you will get use to producing more content.

People buy from brands they usually know. A blog allows you to build your brand and once your brand is known then people will start buying your product.

It keeps your site active

There’s nothing that makes potential customers happy than seeing that you have released an article in the last few days. When people come to your website they often go to blog to see whether have been blogging lately or not.

The date on the article means a lot to people, it shows that your business is operational there for they can still acquire your service.

There are several times when I left a business website because the they were not blogging or they have not released an article in a long period. So fresh content helps you can help you get more clients and beat your competitors.

A blog helps you build a community

Another one of the reasons why blogging is important for your business is to build a community. With a blog you can build a following, you can have a huge list of people who comment of blog articles.

This can happen from your social media channels and to on your blog. Communities can start conversations on your blog. A blog that receives more comments does well on search engines.

This brings us back to SEO and building backlinks. Since the community keeps yours site active helps yours site to do well on SERP. Therefor you can get more leads based on the community you have built through your blog.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are several reasons why you need to start blogging in your business. A blog can bring traffic to your website and help you build leads. It improves your SEO rankings in all search engines.

Blogging can enable to release the latest news or an announcement without using PR. This means I reduces your costs and still gets the message to the intended audience.

Continuous blogging can help you build leads for your business and build trust with your readers. A blog can enhance your whole digital marketing strategy and increase your sales.