Recess Rules

When I woke up this morning, I was definitely feeling the Monday morning blues. To make matters worse, the sun has yet to make an appearance, so like the sky, I was not feeling very awake. When we first started our recess seminar today, I felt like I was faking my enthusiasm, because I was feeling super groggy. However, the rock paper scissors game is when everything changed. I believe that game is when the entire class overcame their inhibitions, because frankly we just wanted to win. The game also got us up and moving, which allowed all of us, especially me, to wake up and enjoy ourselves. My competitive nature kicked out the tiredness, and I was able to really get into the game. Unfortunately team Better America was not able to take home the win, but at least we were all awake and having a good time.

Having an active game before we had to come up with our own games was brilliant, because by that point we were all having a blast and wanted the fun to continue. Our Human Quidditch game was definitely one of the most ridiculous, yet very difficult games I’ve played in awhile. At one point we weren’t even sure it was possible to score, but hey, we were still enjoying ourselves. Team Better America finally was able to take home the win with Human Quidditch, so by that point our group dynamic and team work had finally come in clutch.

By the last game, I felt that the full class’ group dynamic had become really inclusive and supportive, which is why when we had to cheer for other’s the cheers were genuinely enthusiastic. We definitely all bonded as a class today, and I just really enjoyed this recess period in general today. Mondays for me are really long days, but having this class to wake me up and cheer me up was much appreciated.

Being active is definitely a great way to not only wake yourself up, but it also gets endorphins pumping in your body, which in general makes you feel better and more ready to take on the day. Today makes me wish that I could have recess everyday, but I’m thankful that I had it as a kid. It’s necessary at a young age to have a time to unleash all of your energy with other kids, which is what recess is for.

Team Better America Forever.

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