Besnik Ligaci
Feb 8, 2018 · 3 min read

In the recent years we have been witness to a lot of changes in the educational system in the country.

From pushing everyone to get a university degree, to giving priority to proffesional education and recently to changing the system for the primary and secondary education, leading to a lot of technical and political debates regarding the quality and the future of our education system.

These frequent changes and developments lead me to the idea of putting face to face two of these notions: V.E.T & Tertiary Education.

In these short paragraphs i try to compare a few characteristics and express my opinion for what i think could be the best choice in this situation.

WHY V.E.T (Vocational Educational Training)?

A skill is for life.

Society will always have a need for people with craftsmanship and skills, and actually these kind of jobs are the ones that have not felt any issues even during troubled times and all these market crushes.

You can be employed or self-employed

Learning a skill not only gets you a job, but actually puts you in a very god position to be your own boss and actually employ other people down the line if your business expands.

You can jump from craftsmanship to Entrepreneurship.

This is one of the best ways to become an entrepreneur. You are qualified on a specific craft, you already have mastered the technical aspects of the Entrepreneurship. All you need to do is shift your focus on the Business managment side of it.

Easier said than done, i know.

However your chances are much higher compared to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

No educational loans to worry about.

Young people that follow VET courses (Vocational Educational Training), don’t have to worry about getting big loans to follow university and always having the issue of how to pay it back if they can’t get a job as soon as they graduate. Skilled youth often get paid while learning and in most cases the institutions that provide the training, secure also the employment opportunities.

Why Tertiary Education?

Possibility to impact on policy making

It is true to a certain degree that having a higher education puts you in a better position when it comes to the type of work that you do, and in established and stable democratic countries can even lead you to a successful political career, giving you the opportunity to decide and build the future of your people.

Easier path through your teens

Unlike learning crafts that usually starts since highschool, when you are in your teens, people that follow higher education have it easier and can even devote more time to their personal hobbies, since they have more free time on their hands.

High income if capable of being part of high end jobs.

It is true that having a good diploma and been graduated from a university might land you a very good job with a hefty payslip to go along. However, in this unstable economy and with the new technological advancements, more and more “intellectual” jobs are being lost to AI and everyone is replaceable.

High educational costs to pay in the future.

Most developing countries have low-medium quality of higher education, where most of the time their diplomas are not recognised internationally, leaving students with little choice. In these cases their families are obliged to send them study abroad, which beside better education possibilities most of the time carries along a hefty cheque of expenses for studying and living costs, puting the beneficiaries in a lot of difficulties during and after they finish their studies.

So the BIG question is:

Do we have a winner in the faceoff between V.E.T VS. Tertiary Education?

In my opinion based on everyday facts and the way that the political class in charge in developing countries behaves towards the stability and long term reforms of the educational sector;

V.E.T is the winner of this face-off.

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