“What should i post today?!”

Besnik Ligaci
Jan 3, 2019 · 4 min read

The modern (wo)man’s daily dilemma.

Sometimes you don’t have the time or energy to sit around waiting for the creative juices to flow.

You are busy working on one or several projects at the same time, keeping you away from spreading your message and ideas across the social media ecosystem. And that is not that bad; we all need some time away from our devices to slow down from all the digital world.

However, the digital world is one of the most influential ways (most of the time FREE) of communicating with your audience.

But in order for it to be effective you need to have the clarity and content that will bring value to them and as a result actually help them grow in the process of consuming your digital content.

I have found out that there is a few tips and tricks to achieve this without totally abandoning your social media presence, improve along the process, document your work and keep adding value to your audience.

These are simple approaches that i use and seem to work for me, so be free to adopt and adapt as seen appropriate in your line of work that you are involved. So without further due, here it goes:

Read everyday and contribute your thoughts to help other people with their struggles (and share content from what you read, paragraphs, book titles, articles, etc…). I have three favorite apps, among other sources which i use to feed my brain; Medium to write articles, but also to read from other writers; Blinkist to listen to audio books, they also have a free version which will let you listen to one short summary everyday; and Quora where i gladly answer to other peoples questions where i feel that i am capable, the subjects and questions on Quora are endless, i am sure you will love it.

Share your working process (while working on a new article, product, idea, collaboration, etc…). Sharing a snapshot from a draft idea (like i did with this article) that you are working on helps you post for the day, keep you committed to do your best but also give a “teaser” to your audience on your next article. Best apps for that could be Instagram & Facebook; but if the audience you want to reach is more “serious” than Twitter or LinkedIn could be your answer.

Use digital tools that help you produce visual content. Online tools like Canva, or any other that have templates ready you can use are always handy in the creative process.

Share content of other people/accounts that operate in the same niche, space as you are. Instagram stories is a great way to share content that you like and get inspiration from. For me accounts/people like Gary Vaynerchuk #RussellBrand #JimKwik #PatrickBetDavid Chris Collins are a constant source of inspiration. I believe that is not a problem in terms of promoting your possible competition (even though i/you can hardly compete with these guys), good content should be promoted, and it will make your content also more visible.

Re-post older content that you like or that you think is still relevant. If you have another account that you are managing, than you can use the content from that or even cross share from both, this way you get more exposure for both accounts.

Update older content with new information or give an update on a previous initiative that you have taken and think that your audience is interested to know. Sometimes you have to make little tweaks to the contents in order to stay relevant, but that should only take you little time.

Cross-share content that you have produced in other platforms, in order to let your audience know they can reach out to you in more than one way. Despite that, you have to understand that we all have our “favorite” platforms that we follow.

When it comes to social media “one size does not fit all”, so you have to produce content for each of your platforms or disseminate the content you produce into various forms relevant to these platforms.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a master doing that, check him out, so much to learn from him.

Share little moments from your daily life. Audiences are attracted not only from your content, but also from you as an individual, and in most cases that is the most important thing. Being real and natural is the best way to build a profile as a person and as a public figure, if that is what you are aiming for.

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About the Author

Besnik Ligaci is a tech enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur, firm believer of empowering women and men through equal opportunities and presence in entrepreneurship and all walks of life. Cofounder of PDPOrganisation; Founder of InventoRoom® Connect with Besnik also on other social media channels: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Facebook Quora Medium

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There are no passengers on spaceship Earth, we are all crew.

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