‘The other issue with this definition is the word equality.
Parker O'Brien

Calls for equality often do not address differences and the causes of how people come to be in unfavorable situations. The situation of black people I rose in my post about the 14th amendment is one such example. Even though slavery was abolished and black people were given “equal” protection under the law, culturally, politically, economically nothing was done to help level out the playing field to account for over 500 years of marginalization. The same goes for segregation where even though it was legitimized through the “separate but equal” clause (see Plessy v Ferguson), and black people now had access to public facilities, they were inherently unequal. White supremacists, of course are in favor of inequality, but they are also in favor of a white supremacist regime, which is much more sinister than treating people differently due to their social backgrounds. WE are all different. Our histories of oppression should be addressed so every person can have the same opportunities. That’s what I am arguing for.

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